HELLO LIVE is being broadcast over Facebook Live, which has an interactive live streaming feature in the newer updates of the Facebook app.  This broadcast may be viewed from either a mobile device or on a computer through the Facebook account of a ticket holder.

Interactively live streaming the conference means that speakers will be answering questions during each LIVE session!





April Atwater is a creative innovator, thought leader and an award winning blogger. In 2007 April started on the blog Sweet Life in The Valley. Within the first year of blogging she was the first blogger to be invited by Salt Lake City's NBC affiliate station as a regular contributor. She went on to connect influencers with local brands that range from small business to the prestigious Sundance Resort as well as consulting local businesses on social media marketing.
April is a presenter and speaker as well as an event organizer. She has presented to everyone from bloggers, to women in business to the Public Relations Society of America. She organized the Summer Social Retreat for social influencers, Utah Bloggers Summit, the I Heart New York event and the Camp Gathering FAM trips for Food & Travel bloggers.
Over the past 9 years April has worked with several brands including Disney, Lexus, Unilever, Hilton, Sonos, Conagra, Kitchenaid, Pottery Barn and many more.
She currently blogs at Sweet & Simple Mag, is an Online Influencer Agent and teaches social media and working with brands for online influencers.

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Joanie Atwater is a public relations and marketing consultant who has worked with musicians, bloggers and small businesses. She currently works with the non-profit Aware of Angels. She is also a casual blogger and interactive live streamer who is well known and loved by big names in both communities. She is often approached by brands because of her positive fun loving nature.  As a result of being approached so often, she has become known in the blogging community to be an excellent brand ambassador with an authentic enthusiasm for the brands she represents. Joanie has worked with Best Buy, Dell, Disney, Build A Bear, Clorox and many others. Joanie has helped organize and manage several events, including the I Heart New York event presented by Nu Skin. She is an excellent conference talent scout and has played an essential role in securing the live interactive broadcasting experts that will form our all-star line-up for the HELLO LIVE 2016 conference.



Robert spent the first seven years of his career as a technology sales specialist and eventually a sales/marketing manager for CompUSA and AT&T.  In 2009 he went back to school for a computer science degree; and for the past two years has been working as an independent marketing consultant, technology consultant and web designer for start-up businesses.  Robert is known for his unique combination of technical resourcefulness and diplomatic professionalism. 

Robert currently owns the