• What's NEW in Social Video 
  • Instagram Stories & Instagram LIVE
  • Facebook LIVE
  • Twitter LIVE and Video
  • Programs and Apps to Create Video and Video Editing
  • How to Edit Videos- Techniques Music Sources and More
  • Video Equipment -Basics to Advanced
  • Shooting a Video -  Behind the Scenes

THE SECRET SAUCE: Join us behind the scenes with some of the most successful bloggers and social media influencers to see how they do it!

  • Integrating Affiliate Marketing with Video 
  • Planning Your Video Editorial Schedule
  • Working With Brands - What are They Looking For and How to Make Money
  • Selling on Social Media Video Apps

Speakers list coming soon...



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HELLO LIVE 2016 Schedule

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Opening address - HELLO LIVE TEAM

Keynote - Gina Luker

Facebook Ads - Jesse Stay

Network Marketing in Live Streaming - Sean and Crystal Escobar
Q&A - Escobar

Understanding the Legal Stuff (FTC Disclaimers) - Ben Lakey

Making ROI and conversion rates SEXY! - Jenna Wood

Amazon for influencers! - Benjamin and Kirsten Tyrrel

Using live streaming to promote and sell product - Lippe Oosterhof
New Busker Feature - Oosterhof

Being camera ready and ROCKING it - Amiyrah Martin

End of day address - HELLO LIVE TEAM



Beginning of day address - HELLO LIVE TEAM

Keynote - Mario Armstrong

What's the difference? Facebook, Periscope, Busker - Holly Homer, Lippe Oosterhof, Emily Meyers

Influencer agencies and working with brands - Barbara Jones (One2One Network), Jyl Pattee (Mom It Forward Media), with Jenna Wood moderating.

Creating content and engagement - Savanah Poulsen, Shelley Coates

Making products feel like solutions, not luxuries - Emilie Daly

Building your interactive live streaming community - Holly Homer

Closing Remarks - HELLO LIVE TEAM